Terms and conditions

Hovercrafting is an intense event like any motor sport Hovercrafting  can be dangerous and participation can result in injury. Drivers should be in reasonably good health for this activity. You accept that you may get wet and it is noisy and sometimes dirty.

Helmets are provide and must be worn at all times. Appropriate clothing must be worn which covers arms and legs. The Hovercraft Experience is not responsible for any damage or injury to you or your clothing.

If you are over 20 stone or under 14 years of age then sadly we are unable to allow you to fly the Hovercraft. Our age restrictions are for insurance purposes. Participants 14 years and over are welcome to fly alone however if we feel on the day that participants are not capable of flying alone one of our instructors will take control of the Hovercrafts.

A 20% non- refundable deposit is required upon booking.

All events include: Safety briefing
Driver training

Laps of the track

Dependent on the package you have purchased.

Refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances. If the Hovercraft Experience deems it necessary to cancel or stop an event for any reason. Then a alternative date and time will be arranged.  The company will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the client attending the alternative date.

The Hovercraft Experience will try by all means of contact that we have for you to make you aware of the cancellation the day before your event however this will not always be 24 hours notice due to weather conditions changing.

Participants suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to take a breathalyser test and failure of the test or a refusal to take a test will result in your session being cancel with no refund given. Anyone driving in a reckless or dangerous manor, likely to cause an accident , danger to staff or equipment will be stopped from driving and take no further part in the event with no refund given. Any abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and result in the whole session being cancelled and be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For insurance purposes we may ask you to confirm the age of younger drivers under your care and we will need to see I.D on arrival for these between the ages 14 and 18. You will need to sign to give your consent for their participation in the event on the terms above.

As team leader please bring a signed copy of these T&C’s with you on your arrival at The Hovercraft Experience. All drivers will be required to sign a copy before operating the Hovercraft.
We want your time at the Hovercraft Experience to be utterly thrilling and hope to welcome you back again soon.